Suzy reformer photoPilates Studio Pyrénées is a bespoke Pilates studio in the foothills of the Pyrenees, delivering outstanding and inspirational Pilates coaching for sports performance and general wellbeing.

The studio is equipped with professional Balanced Body® apparatus.

Suzy, your Pilates coach, is passionate about ensuring you receive detailed individual attention, therefore classes are small in size to optimise your experience.

Choose from a range of scheduled mat and equipment classes for all levels of experience and ability, or contact Suzy to arrange an individual or group session tailored to your specific physical or sporting needs.

Pilates coaching and class options

Mat class

Pilates Studio Pyrénées uses small equipment to help you get the best from your mat workout (Fitball, Roller, Magic O, Triadballs®).

Pilates SpringboardTM

The Pilates SpringboardTM is an innovative piece of Pilates equipment that offers an invigorating full-body workout using springs and a Push-Through Bar to provide resistance and support, to facilitate correct body movement.

Pilates Circuit

An equipment class incorporating all of the studio equipment:

Studio Reformer®

Pilates Springboard TM

EXO® Chair

Pilates Arc®


Sport-Specific Pilates

Individual or group sessions tailored to specific sporting needs.

Pilates Studio Pyrénées specialises in Pilates for cycling, mountain sports, climbing and kayaking.